Montagnards Stand for Justice


Our Mission

Who we are?

The Montagnards Stand for Justice (MSFJ) is a vital organization founded in 2019 by Y Phic Hdok, Y Quynh Bdap, Y Pher Hdrue, and other dedicated Montagnard human rights activists. Registered in the USA, the MSFJ boldly advocates for the fundamental rights of the Montagnard people, who are indigenous to Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Tragically, many MSFJ members have endured severe religious persecution and unjust land grabbing. Despite the Vietnamese government’s baseless designation of the MSFJ as a terrorist group, the organization has consistently upheld peaceful advocacy without engaging in any violent activities.


Representing Montagnards in international forums

Legal support

Legal support for communities wanting to establish the right to practice their faith.


Preserve and uphold human rights for the people of the Central Highlands.


Training knowledge and skills for core group members.


Community News